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Is this an Emergency Repair? __  Emergency repairs must conform to Beach Woods standards, may be made ASAP to prevent damage to your house. The committee will contact you for additional information. Write a description of the work you are requesting. Doing work other than what is approved is considered non-conformance. All requests must be in accordance with section VII of the Articles of Declaration. New products will initially be denied as they need to be approved by the Board. Requests must be approved before work is undertaken. Failure to obtain approval will result in a $50 fine. The committee will review the request and forward a decision within 30 days. Approvals are contingent upon compliance with the last Maintenance Inspection. Denials can be appealed to the Board. This request is valid for one year from today. Please report the work completion date to the office. Please provide a description of the product line, samples, drawings, and a location as to where this product can be viewed, if appropriate.

Description of Request:  ___________________________________________________________________________________________




Please print this form, fill it out, and bring it to the office for consideration by the Architectural Control Committee.  They may contact you in the near future to discuss your request and will render a decision within 30 days.

For Committee Use Only:  Request Approved __ Request Denied __ Forward for Board Approval __  Date of BOD Mtg._________

Procedural Change or New Product  __ Results:_______________________________________________________

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