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Estimate of Work Completion Dates Form

Name   ______________________________________    Date  ___________

Street Address  ________________________________Unit Number _________

Phone Number ________________________

This form is to be returned to the Beach Woods Office within 30 days of the dated Inspection notice, to notify them of your plans regarding the work required to be completed to satisfy this year's Unit Inspection. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a contractor, we must know what your repair plans are. Please consult your contractor and determine a realistic completion of work date, based upon your knowledge of materials and labor requirements, and how intricate a particular job can be.

Our re-inspection dates will be dependent upon the information you supply.

Please complete all pertinent items listed below:

Item for Repair or Replacement:       Estimated Date of Work Completion:

    Repair Walls                                                                 _______________

    Paint Walls or Trim                                                      _______________                   

    Repair or Replace Windows & Doors                      _______________

    Repair or Replace Garage Door                               _______________

    Repair or Replace Storm Shutter                              _______________

    Repair Eaves                                                               _______________

    Repair Chimney                                                           _______________

    Repair or Replace Gutter and Downspout               _______________

    Repair or Replace Light Fixtures                              _______________

    Repair or Replace Decks, Porches or Balconies   _______________

    Repair or Replace Fence                                          _______________

    Repair or Replace Sun (Florida) Room                   _______________

    Repair or Replace Roof                                             _______________