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2007  BOD Decisions

2007 Board Decisions

January 11, 2007

Treasurer Frances Garrido: December statements are going out with the year end budget. Bob Wallace questioned whether we need $100,000.00 in the Operating Savings account. He made a motion to take $50,000.00 out and put it in CDs of 6-7 months. Carl Sakkestad seconded. Motion approved.

Old Business:

  1. Policy on renters keys and cards

Based on report from the Security Committee, Carl Sakkestad made a motion that owners be responsible to give renters cards and keys. Seconded by Bob Wallace. Motion passed.

Gate Cards, Amenities Keys, and Parking Decals/ Window Cards:


There appears to be along term problem regarding control of and responsibility for the aforementioned cards, keys and decals. The committee and Matt discussed a solution to this at length. Gordon made a motion, seconded by Jim Loufek, that owners be responsible to give renters gate cards and amenities keys. Also moved that Policies and Procedures 8.4 be amended to include the right of owners to purchase an extra gate card upon a written statement that the renter has both gate cards (and provides those gate card numbers). In addition, renter must present a lease to purchase a parking bumper sticker (if long term rental) or window card (for monthly or seasonal renter). Motion carried unanimously (12/05/06 Security Committee)

  1. Web Ads

Frances Garrido presented figures on possible rates for advertising. If we can determine how many people might be interested and if approved, Fran will send letters. Noreen suggested we could add rates for the Newsletter. The Committee will have the authority to adjust rates. Noreen Nuzzi made a motion to accept Fran’s proposal, seconded by Judy Rohan. Motion passed.

  1. New Inspection policies

Kent Armstrong said the new procedure will be difficult to follow. Kent requested permission to change part of the proposal and the Board agreed. Bob Wallace made a motion to give Kent permission to re-word and Fran Garrido seconded. Motion passed. Kent will coordinate with Matt.

      4. .Security Guard – in-house

     Noreen Nuzzi made a motion to table this and discuss with Matt at the next Manager’s    

     meeting. Seconded by Judy Rohan. Motion passed.

5.  Committee sign-up times

Tabled until February. Noreen Nuzzi made the motion, seconded by Judy Rohan. Motion passed. Will be combined with the committee composition motion.

  1. New car stickers and visitor passes.

Vinny Wallace, Chairman of the Security Committee, advised leave as is for now.

  1. Golf cart rule change

Carl Sakkestad had some concerns about golf carts in Beach Woods, re: charging and insurance. After discussion, Noreen Nuzzi made a motion to allow the carts in BW, with certain stipulations. Judy Rohan seconded. In favor: Noreen Nuzzi, Judy Rohan, Gene Phillips and Frances Garrido. Opposed: Carl Sakkestad, Bob Wallace, Gloria Lohner.

Committee Reports:

Amenities: Mary Wallace commented that the bocce court and the horseshoes are in and ready to enjoy. Kent asked Mary if we could purchase another bike rack to be put by the pier. Bob Wallace made a motion to do so, seconded by Frances Garrido. Motion approved. Complete report in office.

February 8, 2007

Old Business:

1. Appeal by W. Napier, homeowner on Rick’s Way. The appeal was denied unanimously on a motion by Frances Garrido, 2nd by Noreen Nuzzi

2. Review of RV Parking rules – Change wording Notification to Permission and add within a 72 hour time frame. Motion by Frances Garrido, 2nd by Judy Rohan. Approved with a vote of 5 –1 Noreen Nuzzi against.

3. Approved Golf Cart Rules:

After discussion on the previously passed Golf Cart use, the Board approved a request from Homeowner,  Steve Townsend, Jr. to have and use his golf cart. A list of rules was approved: "The Board of Directors may approve the use of a golf cart by a resident when proof of liability insurance and medical need is provided by the applicant.  When approved, the golf cart may be used only on the roads in Beach Woods, not the pedways. Parking is permitted in a driveway, a garage or within a fenced in yard.  The applicant may use his/her designated parking space but may not run an electrical line across the grass or road." The motion by Frances Garrido, 2nd by Noreen Nuzzi, passed with a vote of 5-1. Carl Sakkestad against. Homeowner Gary Houchens suggested that a scooter might be more appropriate for people with medical problems.

4. Discussion on Property Management Company. Judy Rohan thanked Gary Houchens for his report on Management Companies, which the Board has reviewed. Judy noted some negatives, loss of immediate response in case of emergency, lack of personal contact with the company, the probability of higher and unknown costs as time goes on and negligible cost savings. Judy made a motion that we retain our current Manager, maintenance and office staff while addressing any deficiencies that the management study brought to light. Motion 2nd by Gloria Lohner. After a discussion it was approved with a vote of 5-1. Carl Sakkestad against.

5. Change committee sign up time to an earlier date and discussion on committee size.

After a discussion by the Board, a motion was made by Carl Sakkestad, 2nd by Frances Garrido change committee sign up time from March 15th to February 15th #2. To revert to no limit to committee size. Unanimously passed

6. P&P changes as referenced in memo to Directors

Ivan Kusinitz, Chairman of the P&P Committee, presented a list of changes to P&P. Some have been previously approved.

- Page 8 – Add: 1.4.1.a “Separate sign up sheets should be placed in the office starting February 15th. A phone number should be entered next to the name. It should be clearly stated on the sheet the number of meetings that must be attended to retain member status. The Manager is to validate names from the sign in sheet and present to the Board at the May meeting for approval.

-Page 8 – 1.4.5 There will be no limit to committee size.

-Page 21 – 4.2.1. Change to “On the next business day after the 10th calendar day of the month, the Customer Balance Detail Report will be printed. Homeowners whose payments arrive after the 10th of the month will be assessed a late fee.

-Page 21 – 4.2.6. Add: “An owner who has been charged a late fee may appeal to the Board of Directors.”

-Page 21 – 4.2.7. Add: “Owners with unpaid amounts outstanding over 90 days will be sent a statement covering the period of delinquency. Owners who do not pay these amounts within 30 days may be subject to legal action.

-Page 22 – 4.3.5. Change to: “Payments are entered into the computer Accounts Receivable record and deposits made on or about the 1st and the 10th of the month and once a week thereafter.”

-Page 22 – 4.4.5. Add a final sentence: “No person authorized to sign checks is permitted to sign any check made out to himself/herself.”

-Page 23 – 4.5.1. Add: “The Vice President will review and sign the Manager’s time sheet”

A motion by Frances Garrido, 2nd by Judy Rohan, to accept all the changes. Passed without objection.



March 8, 2007

Old Business:

1. Beach Woods Directory – should be produced in-house. Any revenues will go to BW.  It was noted that previous BW directories were out-sourced and ad revenues are no longer expected. After a discussion a motion by Bob Wallace, 2nd by Noreen Nuzzi, “to update and print Beach Woods Directory early in year to be done in house and any revenues will go to Beach Woods.” Passed unanimously.

2. Christmas Bonus to employees to be added to P&P.

Judy Rohan made a motion, 2nd by Noreen Nuzzi to add a Christmas Bonus to employees to P&P at the Manager’s discretion. Passed unanimously

3. Change P&P page 23, 4.4.8 New: Ivan Kusinitz Chairman of the P&P Task Force, read the following: “As recommended by our Accountant as routine safeguard against fraud, the bank(s) will provide the Association’s Board of Directors with original or facsimiles of checks cashed during the month for each of our checking accounts. Signatures, payees, amounts and other pertinent data will also be reviewed.”

4. Change P&P 9.3.5 – add: “both the petitioner and the complainant must be notified of the date and time of the appeals hearing.”

5. 9.3.6. Delete the first sentence that directs a verdict; leave the last sentence.

Motion to approve above changes by Noreen Nuzzi, 2nd by Judy Rohan. Passed without objection.

7.Condo drainage problem: A suggestion was presented to the Condo Association Representatives recommending re-grading the area in front of the Condo Garage as a solution to their water problem. The condo has been asked to contribute a portion of the expense. Matt has one bid of $5200, and he will get more. 

Motion to table until Matt gets more bids by Judy Rohan, 2nd by Noreen Nuzzi. Passed unanimously.

8.Golf Cart Form: Each board member was given a copy of a suggested “Golf cart form”. Noreen Nuzzi pointed out that NO personal medical information was required. After discussion a motion to approve by Noreen Nuzzi, 2nd by Judy Rohan. Unanimously approved.  


Security: Two requests presented to the Board: 1.) To increase Security Guard hours/days when it is needed most at the discretion of the manager. Motion to approve by Noreen Nuzzi, 2nd by Judy Rohan. Unanimously approved. 2.) Motion to increase the Broadband width to 512 in an effort to improve the security camera system. Motion to approve by Noreen Nuzzi, 2nd by Judy Rohan. Passed without objection.


April 12, 2007

Nominations for President: Carl Sakkestad by Dave Bates, 2nd by Judy Rohan. Dave Bates by Bob Wallace and Jack Lynch. Judy Rohan by Noreen Nuzzi, Judy declined…..

Carl Sakkestad elected Board President

Nominations for Vice President: David Bates. By Pat Menke, 2nd by John Lynch.  No other nominations received.

- David Bates elected Vice President.

- Nominations for Treasurer: Robert Wallace by Jack Lynch and Pat Menke. No other nominations received.

- Robert Wallace elected Treasurer.

- Carl Sakkestad nominated Dianna Norton, Homeowner to be Secretary. Vote was unanimous and she accepted the position.


May 10, 2007

Treasurers Report was given by Bob Wallace. Bob would like to take the operating account that is currently receiving 1/10th of one percent interest and perhaps putting it into an account that draws 4.8% Bob is currently talking with BB&T on this matter. Judy moved to accept the report. Seconded by Dave. Motion was carried unanimously.

Manager’s Report was given by Matt Lighthill.

Matt would like to retain a second attorney that has experience with court orders, as the attorney that we have on retainer now, does not have the experience that would fulfill our needs. Motion was carried unanimously to accept the Manager’s Report.


  Item #1 – Option “c” was voted on by the board along with a suggestion that this homeowner paint his driveway.

Item #2 -  Matt recommends Freehill Paving for the job. Board would like the Condo’s share of the bill, separated out, so that the Condo Association can decide if they want to be included. Board voted and approved, Freehill Paving.

David Bates was appointed as the liaison to oversee the project with Matt.

Item #3 - Property Insurance will expire on May 31st. $25000. is budgeted, however, we will try not to spend it all.

Item # 4 - Board unanimously agrees to wait on the Pool chairs and Putting green to be voted on in the next budget meeting rather than act upon it at this time. Replacing all chairs would cost about $14,700. and the putting green, $500 to $600.

Item # 5a – resolved

Item # 5b – No extension will be granted

Item # 5c – resolved

Item # 5d – administrative fee is waived


Pat Menke has been appointed  “chairperson” of the nomination committee for the next election.

Motion made by Dave to accept the committees, as listed. Seconded by Jack. Carried.

Discussion on transferring the 2006 funds into the 07 funds.  Noreen Nuzzi makes a motion to follow the Budget Committees’ recommendation to “move $37418. into the reserve account.” Seconded by Bob Wallace. Unanimously carried.

President appoints Pat Menke to be the 4th check signer.

President appoints Jack Lynch, Dave Bates, and Bob Wallace to do the Manager’s evaluation due no later than October.

Jack Lynch and Dave Bates appointed liaisons to the Architecture and Unit Inspection Committee.

Noreen Nuzzi appointed liaison to the Amenities Committee.

Judy appointed to the Social Committee.

Noreen Nuzzi appointed liaison to the Landscape Committee.

Motion made by Jack Lynch to cancel Board meetings for July and August. Discussion. Motion was carried.

Jim, Architectural Committee request change in P & P.

List to be made for next meeting to incorporate Manager approval items into the P & P (bottom of page 55)

Motion made by Pat “The Architectural Committee moves that homeowner requests made to comply with inspection committee reports may be approved by the Manager in order that work may be completed in a timely fashion. It is the owner’s responsibility to comply with these standards”. Noreen seconds that motion. Motion carried.

Security. Motion made by Noreen to “approve the expenditure of $1616.33 for a camera to be positioned on a pole on the west side of A1A at the north pedway aimed at the beachside entrance gates on the east side of A1A”. Seconded and carried.


June 14, 2007

Treasurers Report given by Judy Rohan for Bob Wallace. In the last month Beach Woods expenditures have been a little on the high side. Insurance had to be paid in full and once the asphalt was complete, the total came to $43,000. We budgeted $34150 which left us with an overage of $8850 minus the $1000 that the High-rise contributed, left us with a final overage, on the asphalt job, of $7850.   For budgeting purposes we should look at cost increase as we usually budget for items, months, sometimes a year in advance of when the job is to done. There was discussion of expenditures, whether it be unexpected or previously allocated between Judy Rohan, Matt Lighthill, Noreen Nuzzi, Fran Garrido and Carl Sakkestad to a final conclusion that this will be ultimately worked out by the accountant. Motion made by Dave Bates to accept the treasurer’s report, second by Pat Menke. Unanimously passed.

Manager’s Report  given by Matt Lighthill.  6 owners have been turned over to a lawyer for noncompliance of unit inspection. The reason that we went over budget on the asphalt job was that originally the bid was to stop at the property line just east of the island. Matt Lighthill asked Freehill to take it all the way to A1A which required an extra 150 sq yards of material. Freehill also did some repairs on previous asphalt jobs, within the community. High winds damaged poles and black material on the tennis courts. Discussion resulted in the conclusion that this should be contracted rather than, done in house. Matt has received 2 bids thus far. On the insurance, the coverage is about $100,000 less than we used to have. Basically it only covers the buildings. No signs, light poles, fences or anything like that. Pretty much everything that had to be fixed from the last hurricanes is no longer covered with this new policy.

Noreen Nuzzi makes a motion that the money that was leftover from the property insurance be kept for more insurance to be purchased after hurricane season or to help offset the cost of any damages that are not covered under this new policy. After discussion, the motion dies and a new motion is made by Judy Rohan “any money that is left over from what has been set aside for insurance, should stay where it is now until after hurricane season, in case it is needed for any damage. This motion was seconded by Noreen Nuzzi. This motion passed with Noreen Nuzzi, Judy Rohan, Jack Lynch and Carl Sakkestad for ---- Dave Bates and Pat Menke against.

Noreen Nuzzi makes motion to accept Manager’s Report, seconded by Jack Lynch. Unanimously passed.

New Business :

2.      Discussion regarding the damaged and dangerous poles and netting at the     

      tennis courts. The board talked about doing it in house and decided for   

      practical purposes, to hire this job out. It is determined that the 

      funds have already been allocated in the amenities PRS and that it cannot wait

      any longer. Motion has been made by Dave Bates to have Matt Lighthill take

      3 bids and choose the best all around deal that would include a manufacturers

      warranty, with a ceiling cap of   $3800.  This motion was seconded by Noreen

      Nuzzi and unanimously passed.

Committee Reports

Noreen Nuzzi makes a motion that the board approves Vee Bates, Chair, Geni Greco, Eileen Sakkestad and Frances Crowley to be added to the Volunteer Appreciation Committee. Seconded by Judy Rohan, passed unanimously.

Discussion resulted in Matt Lighthill suggesting that we only replace the chairs at the clubhouse pool for now. Then take any chairs that are still in good shape to the other pool so that we don’t have the issue of mix and match chairs. That way we don’t have to replace all the chairs now.

Dave Bates makes a motion to go ahead and put new chairs at the clubhouse pool and move any good chairs from the clubhouse pool to the other pool as they are still in good shape. The money will come from the operating fund until the CD that was allocated for this purpose matures in August. Seconded by Pat Menke passed unanimously.

 Approved at the BOD meeting on 9/13/07

July 2007

No BOD meeting

August 2007

No BOD meeting

September 13, 2007

Discussion on approval of the June minutes resulted in a motion by Pat Menke and seconded by Dave Bates that we post a pre-approved version of the minutes.  Any corrections that have to be made will be done prior to the next meeting and finalized minutes will be signed by Secretary, Dianna Norton. This motion was carried. 

Treasurers Report given by Bob Wallace. In addition to the financial line items Mr. Wallace said that we found 9 Homeowners that were renting their units and we recovered the required security deposit from these homeowners. He also stated that there would be more to come.  Motion was made by Jack Lynch and seconded by Judy Rohan to accept this treasurer’s report. It was carried unanimously.

Manager’s Report was given by Matt Lighthill, detailing his many projects over the summer. Judy Rohan commented on the beauty of the community and would like to see something done over by the beach. Discussion resulted in the decision to have Matt complete the North pedway light project by running a deficit of around $1000 for the remaining 6 lights. For safety reasons the Board decided to complete this project without further delay. President Carl S. would like signs posted at various entry points, even across the street, that these premises are under camera surveillance. Judy Rohan made a motion to accept the Managers Report, Bob W. seconded. Motion was carried.

Old Business :

3.      Bob Wallace made a motion to take $5000 from the Stage 9 funds to implement the purchase of chairs and lounges for the West pool. Dave B. seconded. Motion was carried.

New Business :

1.   Dave Bates spoke with Maxim Healthcare regarding Flu and Pneumonia shots

      for our residents. After discussion the Board decided not to open this to the

      public, mostly for insurance reasons. Dave will ask Maxim if perhaps the 2nd

      week in October would be possible to set up in our Clubhouse. There is no

      cost for this unless you don’t have Medicare. It is the same as Publix does

      every year, only for convenience, we will have it done here. Dave is going to

      leave the brochure from Maxim in the office for residents to look at if they       

      would like to.

4.      Request from homeowner Jane Loufek to allow food in the covered area of the East Pool.  Some of the concerns of the Board included people not cleaning up after themselves, ants, bugs and the legalities of having food within 4 feet of the actual pool. After discussion a motion was made by Dave Bates and seconded by Jack Lynch  to allow a 3 ˝ month trial period for this request, where until the first of the year any and all food that is allowed at the East pool must be consumed within the covered area of the pool. Matt will have covered trash cans put out there and of course no glass or grills would be allowed. Motion was carried.


Committee Reports

Jim Robertson reported on the  Architectural Committee Motion was made by Dave Bates and seconded by Jack Lynch  for a change in policy  as follows …In addition, the Manager may act in the Committees name with respect to homeowners request made to comply with inspection committee reports. These requests may be approved by the Manager in order that work can be completed in a timely fashion. It is the owners’ responsibility to comply with all Beach Woods standards as well as County Codes. …Will be added to 13.2 # 2. Motion was carried.

October 11, 2007

Dave Bates motioned to accept the September Minutes, Pat Menke seconded. Motion carried Minutes approved.

Treasurers Report given by Bob Wallace. Motion to accept this treasurer’s report was made by Jack Lynch and seconded by Dave Bates. It was carried unanimously.

Bob Wallace also discussed the apparent waste of monies that are used for the mailing of the quarterly HO accounts with Beach Woods. There are only a handful of HO’s that are late, therefore most statements usually reflect a zero balance. Bob thinks that we can save a good bit of money, by only sending out letters that state when a HO is late. Judy Rohan said that she would like to have her statement regardless. Noreen Nuzzi said that maybe we could do the statement in email form for those who choose to have it. Discussion resulted in a finding that the email process would in fact be at a higher cost.

Motion was made by Bob Wallace to discontinue sending the quarterly letters regarding the HO accounts with Beach Woods and only send out a yearly statement around the 15th of December. 2nd by Dave Bates. Motion was carried with Noreen Nuzzi and Judy Rohan against it. Amended motion by Noreen Nuzzi to offer the HO’s the ability to receive there statement in email form if they wish to have one. Judy Rohan 2nd  Noreen’s amendment. Was not carried as Pat, Bob, Jack, and Dave against and Noreen and Judy for it.


Old Business :

The Budget Committee has recommended that we cap our portion of the Health insurance costs for our associates at the amount that we are paying now. The costs for this benefit has risen by 22.5 % in the last year alone. That is about a $600 increase. Bob Wallace stated that this issue had been brought up in the past, however, it was never put into force. Matt will look into “tying into other companies” for a better rate.

Motion made by Dave Bates to cap insurance rate at the current rate as of the August increase. 2nd by Pat Menke. Motion was carried.

Carl S. spoke of the previous years leftover monies that were put into the reserves, that at this point is over  $150,000.00. He would like to take this leftover money and leave it in unexpended projects or in the discretionary fund, so that money would not have to be borrowed from one account or another to fix or repair an emergency without having to go to the expense and time of going to the Homeowners. There was much discussion on this subject, with many for and many against. It is the belief of some residents that our Board will not arbitrarily spend this money and that this type of situation is what we voted these people into place for. Yet, there were others that want this money to go into the reserves. Carl S. was saying that we should not raise the monthly maintenance fee just for the sake of raising it. He said that we have more money in our reserve accounts than ever. Judy Rohan said that if we raise the monthly maintenance fee by just $4. 00 that it would add $18000.00 that would help seal the roads. Other homeowners have said, “ if we don’t use our reserve as we go along, we are simply building a reserve for future homeowners “

Jack Lynch made a motion to have a zero increase in the monthly maintenance fees and to put the leftover monies into an investment or projects that are unidentified. Bob Wallace 2nd. Motion passed with Pat M; Dave B; Jack L; and Bob W for it and Noreen N; and Judy R against it.

Karen of the Landscape committee spoke of a plant exchange. Pots will be located behind the clubhouse. Some homeowners are concerned that the dye in the red mulch is bad for the environment. Others say that the natural just turns ash color too fast and that it is not aesthetically pleasing.

Noreen Nuzzi made a motion that we use environmentally friendly, natural color mulch in the Beach Woods maintained areas. Judy R. 2nd. Motion did not carry with Judy R: Noreen N; and Jack L. for it and Pat M: Dave B: and Bob W against it. Carl S broke the tie and voted against.

November 8, 2007

Opening Statement by President Carl S. addressed the concerns of some of the residents regarding the flood insurance. There were some Homeowners that were concerned that there was not proper notification regarding the value of the flood insurance. The bottom line is that our insurance company has asked us to get an appraisal of our property. It cost Beach Woods around $2000. to do this. Upon completion of the assessment, the insurance company took it upon themselves to raise our flood insurance to $300,000. We have never had that much flood insurance nor do we need that much. Bob Wallace explained that in 2005 we had flood coverage for $67,000 and in 2006 it went to $87,000. Citizen’s insurance had taken the total value of the common property and mistakenly used that amount as the insured value, however, The proper amount was to be $170,000. and that is what we now carry in flood insurance.

Noreen Nuzzi made a motion to raise the flood insurance to $300,000 and Judy Rohan seconded. Motion was not carried. Noreen N and Judy R were for it and Pat M, Bob W, Dave B and Jack L were against it. The second item that Carl addressed was the amount of reserve monies that Beach Woods has and that a lot of people when looking for a place to buy, will research items such as reserve funds to make sure that there is adequate funds to take care and replace items as needed, so that they are not hit with an assessment of  $5,000  or  $10,000 a few months after buying.

Dave Bates made a motion to approve the minutes from the October 11 th HO meeting. Pat M seconded. Jack Lynch asked that a correction be made to a motion that he made. Dianna N will research it and make the necessary correction Noreen N would like a correction made to the minutes as well, however, that portion of the minutes will stand as it is. All were in favor after the correction is made to the motion from Jack L except  Noreen Nuzzi who was against. Motion carried


#1. Our same Accountants have said that they will extend our contract 3 years at the same fee. Bob W made a motion to keep the same Accounting firm that we have been using  for 3 years at the same fee that we have been paying. Judy R seconded. Motion was carried unanimously.

#2. Plans were submitted on behalf of  Homeowner Gloria Cassini for a Florida Room renovation. Dave B made a motion to allow the renovation pending approval from the county and on the condition that the fence be put back up. Judy R seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Reports:

Amenities report was given by Mary Wallace. She discussed the renovation of the clubhouse.

Judy Rohan commended Mary W on all the legwork that was put into the plans for the clubhouse renovation project. Judy Rohan would like the amenities committee to delete the new television from the plans. Carl S. agreed. Dave B made a motion to approve the funds for the clubhouse renovation project (without the television), not to exceed $25,000 so that the project can be started. Judy R seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Noreen Nuzzi made a motion to approve the purchase of a  basketball hoop that is lower for the smaller children. Judy R seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Architectural Committee Report was given by Jim Robertson. Noreen N made a motion to approve the recommendations of the Architectural Committee for the inspections that are starting in January. Dave B seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

December 13, 2007

Bob Wallace gave the Treasurer’s Report. The developer has sold the last 3 units to some of his family members at a low price. Our 1% resulted in a final check for $7770. 00 which brings the Developers account up to $63,000.00. Pat Menke made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Judy Rohan seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Manager’s Report was given by Matt Lighthill. Health department has come out to inspect the pool, anything that had to be corrected, has already been corrected. Bob Wallace made a motion to approve the Manager’s Report and Judy Rohan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. New lights in the racquetball courts. Bob Wallace made a motion to have lights installed in the racquetball courts at a cost up to $1000.00 out of the stage 9 money. Noreen Nuzzi seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Matt will also take the old lights and move them to the garage area.