155 River Woods Boulevard

Melbourne Beach, Florida 32951

Phone:  321-729-6223  Fax:  321-984-1458    email:






When you purchased your Unit you should have received a copy of the applicable Beach Woods Articles of Declarations, By-Laws and Rules & Regulations, which all residents in this community are governed by, from the previous Owner or Broker. 


 You are required to go to the Beach Woods Office and provide them with the following information:

1.       Filled out Residentís Information form.

          The form asks for phone number at residence, emergency or cell phone number, alternate address, email address, vehicle


2.       Signed copy of the Rules & Regulations



Renters:   Also need a copy of a signed lease listing all tenants, date of expiration.


Owners:    If you rent out your unit or others use your unit, you must remind them to adhere to the rules as you are responsible for their violations.   If friends or family are using your unit, you should send a letter to the office authorizing them to stay there in your absence.

A common ground security deposit of $200 is required if you rent your unit.


3.  To obtain a Gate Card and Decal for your vehicle(s), please bring to the office a valid registration for the vehicle(s) showing Year, make of vehicle, state registered in.  No commerical Vehicles are allowed parked in Beach Woods.


4. Number of Vehicles permitted is limited to your allowed parking spaces. No commercial vehicles are allowed unless parked in a garage.


5. We only allow ONE PET PER UNIT as per our Documents.