As of July 1, 2009

New Florida State Fees and Fines



  • Fees and fines

    In addition to a billion-dollar increase in tobacco taxes, the new fiscal year will bring a long series of fee increase -- not all of them hitting on July 1.

  • State parks: Admission to Florida's 160 state parks will rise from $1 to $3 per carload, up to eight people, along with average increases of $4 a night for camping and $10 nightly for cabin rentals.


    "This fee increase will help keep Florida's state parks open for residents and visitors to experience, while still proving to be one of the most affordable activities in the state," said Bob Ballard, deputy secretary for land and recreation at the Department of Environmental protection.

  • Court filing fees: They will rise $505 for civil and family cases involving between $50,000 and $250,000 -- plus $1,000 more for suits of more than $250,000. Probate fees rise $115 and there will be a $100 filing fee hike for non-family civil cases.


  • Driver license: Fees for car registration, driving licenses and vehicle titles are also rising in the new year.


    Driver license renewal goes from $20 to $48.

  • Car registration: Registration fees go up in each weight class -- from $28.10 to $46.65 for lighter cars; from $36.10 to $57.65 in the 2,500- to 3,499-pound class; and from $46.10 to $71.15 for vehicles more than 3,500 pounds.


    Title and registration fees also shot up, more than doubling for many cars.