Beach Woods Bulletin, Edition Number 002, June 2019


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BW Road Repair and Resurfacing. Late June or early July you might experience some inconvenience while BW undergoes roadwork, largely on Beach Woods Blvd. Along with resurfacing, curb work will be included.


Oyster Mats on Dock Pilings. Back in April our BW community attached bare oyster shells on to 96 plastic meshes, each with about 50 shells. The follow-on plan was to have Florida Tech (FIT) students wading in the water to attach the shell-laden mats to the dock's pilings so they would become oyster nurseries and contribute to lagoon cleanup in a few weeks.


With the school year finished at FIT, our “Lagoon Leader” Bob Hinckley again called on BW residents to complete the job. Thirty one from our community jumped in to help – with some wading into the water. From the pier, others handed/dropped down the mats and the plastic zip ties needed to hold/strap the mats around posts and sharp barnacles below the water line. Besides jagged barnacles, resistance came from the crabs who had staked out territory on the pilings. Also, inquisitive stingrays strayed too close and were frightened away by a banshee cry from one of our mat hangers; the rays probably will be gone for a decade.



Few Couch Potatoes. Even if the nomads (or snowbirds) have left for summer north of here, BW is not deserted. Sun and heat have not locked us inside.


Water aerobics:      Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM

Bocci ball:              Saturdays at 9 AM

Pickle ball:             Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8 AM

                               Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM


Turtle Season. Beach walkers probably have noted the turtle tracks to their nests near the dunes. Momma turtles may nest two or more times in a season, May 1 through Oct. 31. In about 60 days from their being laid, the eggs will begin hatching, usually emerging from the sand in the nighttime hours and heading toward the open light of the ocean. (That is why it's important to minimize the light that come from our property – deck lights, unshaded windows, street lighting.)


You may be able to witness turtles coming ashore at nighttime by walking the beach, most likely at high tide. It is illegal to harass these protected species. If you approach them too soon, a turtle heading toward the dunes may turn back to the ocean before digging her nest and depositing eggs. If unable to nest in time, the momma may just dump them in the ocean waters. (Each nest may contain on the order of 100 eggs, but only one in a thousand hatchlings survive.)


Rather than on your own, guided turtle walks take place during June and July on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, starting at 9 PM. It is $15 to reserve your place among 20 people. Minimum age is 7 and you must be able to walk up and down the beach for about one half mile. (321-723-3556)


Also, a live turtle release on will occur on Sunday, July 28th from 7:30 to 9:30 AM at the Barrier Island Center, 8385 South Highway A1A.


Free Concerts (Donations Accepted). Superb concerts are available nearby.

·         Melbourne Municipal Band. Wednesday and Thursday June 5 and 6 at 6:30 PM. Melbourne Auditorium on Hibiscus Ave. This is one of those summer “Not In the Park Picnic” concert series. You bring your picnic basket or bag with whatever you wish to eat and drink (except alcoholic). Music may start at 7 PM. (

·         Melbourne Community Orchestra. Wednesday and Thursday June 12 and 13 at 6:30 PM . The theme is a patriotic “Celebrate America”. Again, you bring your picnic basket or bag with whatever you wish to eat and drink (except alcoholic). Also at Melbourne Auditorium, music starting at 7 PM. (

·         Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. Saturday June 29 at 7 PM. “Sea to Shining Sea” of patriotic tunes and marches. At The Scott Center at 5625 Holy Trinity Drive, Melbourne (Palm Shores). Necessary to reserve tickets at 855-252-7276.

Quilt Show at Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, Florida Institute of Technology. The theme of this free quilt show (May 25 through Aug. 24), titled Forced to Flee, focuses on migrant issues. The 36 juried quilts tackle the global refugee crisis – causes ranging from human conflict to natural disaster. Sharing this venue are 75 satin stitched embroidery and knitting works that address the challenges of marginalized people. Open Tuesday through Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM and Saturday, Noon to 4 PM. Ph. 321-674-8313. Tours by a volunteer docent may be scheduled. (


Gary Houchens



Please do not reply to this e-mail! We do not want to take the chance of someone's computer/device contaminating the BW Bulletin contact list.